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We deliver instantaneous hot water!

Welcome to Chronomite, we make tankless electric water heaters designed for commercial applications. It's an Instantaneous Electric Hot Water unit. Our tankless units provide instant, continuous hot or tepid water, and should be installed at point-of-use to eliminate dead water, dramatically reducing water and electricity use. Simply put, Chronomite uses bare wire technology to very effectively heat the water as it passes through the unit, delivering instantantaneous hot water. All that is needed is a single phase electrical connection, and a cold water line, and you've got an instantaneous electric water heater. We supply two different models: The Instant-flow® SR & The Instant-flow® Micro. Both come in 15, 20, 30 and 40 amp versions.

The Instant-flow® Micro unit reliably heats water to a designated preset temperature and is designed for sanitary fixtures such as hand washing basins or environments where you are looking to save energy. It relies on a Microprocessor to monitor the output temperature and vary energy wattage to achieve the desired temperature. The benefit of the Instant-flow Micro unit is that it only uses as much energy as is needed to heat the water to the preset temperature, saving you money on your energy and water bill.

The Instant-Flow® SR unit reliably heats water to a maximum temperature rise dependant on the flow rate of the fixture and the incoming cold water temperature. It is designed for non-sanitary applications such as laundries and kitchenettes. See “how it works” below, for a more detailed explanation.


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