About Us

Company overview

In 2012 RBA Group, together with Morris International Group, successfully achieved Watermark certification for Chronomite in Australia and so Chronomite Australia was born.

The process began in late 2008 as an opportunity was identified to couple warm water with low flow tapware during an ESD meeting between a major city developer and their insurance company client. The insurance company, even though they desired their building to be green, were to knock back RBA’s low flow tapware for less water efficient taps because of the extensive time it took take to deliver warm water to the fixtures from the ring main. Of course, in the long run this was a significant waste of both water and energy. Unsatisfied with the outcome, RBA began probing for a green alternative. The solution was to heat the water up at the fixture, and only when hot was demanded. RBA set about solidifying a relationship with manufacturing giant Morris International, who was to engage RBA with distribution of a fully watermarked, instantaneous electric water heater throughout Australia and New Zealand, perfectly designed to meet the needs of the commercial market.

Chronomite Australia is part of a larger organisation, RBA family of companies, which has been operating for over 25 years within the Australian & New Zealand commercial plumbing industry. RBA’s natural progression and growth has lead to facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and as of 2011, Auckland.  The RBA Group brands lead their market and, in terms of recognition and market penetration, are among the most successful in the world. Bobrick, Acorn, KoalaKare, Avac, Kristallux, Docol & Big John are all part of the RBA Group Family of Products.

A short history of Chronomite’s development

Albeit a relatively short history of selling these instantaneous electric water heaters through Australia and New Zealand, Chronomite as a product has been honed to perfection for over 46 years by Chronomite Laboratories. This is their road to realizing the excellence that is Chronomite. Since 1966, Chronomite Laboratories Inc. has been the innovative leader in providing solutions for commercial and industrial tankless plumbing applications. In 1992, Chronomite Laboratories Inc. patented the first microprocessor controlled tankless water heater providing unlimited hot water simultaneously to basin with one Instant-Flow Micro heater. Utilizing state of the art technology, the microprocessor meets the users demands for superior performance with accurately determined preset output temperatures, while being efficient and at the same time cost affordable. Chronomite’s Microprocessor technology paved the way for solutions that are vital to today’s engineer.  Chronomite tankless water heaters are made in California USA, nice to know when you’re dealing with hot water!