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  • Where can I find high-quality drinking fountains and bottle fillers?
  • Does my Chronomite heater require a temperature control device?
  • Are Chronomite heaters Watermark Approved?
  • Where are the heaters manufactured?
  • What is the maximum operating temperature?
  • Do I need the electrical applied to the heater to know if the heater will turn on?
  • What size copper or flex tubing do I use?
  • What voltage is my heater and is it okay if it doesn't match?
  • What phase are your heaters?
  • Can I install my Chronomite Tankless heater in the ceiling?
  • Will a Chronomite Tankless water heater supply my whole house?
  • May I install my Chronomite tankless water heater outside?
  • How do I decrease the water temperature coming from my Chronomite Tankless Water Heater?
  • Why is my heater tripping the breaker?
  • I want to install the Chronomite heater in a vertical position.
  • I want to plug my Chronomite water heater into a wall outlet. Where is the plug?