Why Go Chronomite?

Chronomite Tankless Electric Water Heaters

  • Conserve energy – 99% energy efficient
  • Save water
  • Continuous Flow Hot Water
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs
  • Compact design
  • Maintain health and security
  • Save money

Hot Water Simplified - Zero energy use when not in use, Continuous Flow Hot Water on demand.

Chronomite was the first to patent a microprocessor technology which allows for a factory preset or microprocessor controlled output temperature that delivers continuous flow hot water without risk of scalding—in two seconds as opposed to the six seconds required by other tankless water heaters. Chronomite does not require the storage of hot water in a tank, but rather, provides hot water only on demand. With certain models of tankless electric heaters, water is maintained at a consistent temperature that is anti-bacterial, encouraging safe hand-washing and reducing spread of viruses.

Chronomite is installed at point of use and is only operational when hot water is streaming through the plumbing, thus dramatically reducing hot water delivery time and inefficient use of electricity.

Greater efficiency means less water and energy use, which is 99 percent energy efficient compared to conventional tank water heaters. The compact, easy-to install unit also provides endless solutions to projects with limited space and access. At only the size of a standard dictionary, Chronomite tankless water heaters are well hidden for aesthetic appeal, and easily placed within a specially designed compartment underneath Acorn hand washing systems and basins.

Chronomite also integrates energy and water conservation with cost savings and many features which contribute to a safer environment. With Chronomite, gas leaks are eliminated, and the flow through abrasive action of water creates a self-cleaning feature eliminating alkali and calcification buildup, reducing the risks of corrosion and flooding and reducing maintenance and operational costs.

Lead Free

As of January 1, 2010, the California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB1953) and the Vermont State Senate’s new mandate requires a “lead-free” definition of 0.25 percent weighted average of lead for pipes, fittings, and fixtures dispensing drinking water.

For Chronomite, the harmful effects of lead have always been a major concern in the manufacturing of our product. Even before any discourse regarding the California or Vermont lead-free plumbing laws, our general policy has been to use lead-free materials whenever possible in the manufacturing of our products.

 For Chronomite, lead is unsafe at any point of use, whether in regard to hand washing or drinking water. This is why we proactively certified our entire line of instantaneous water heaters with IAPMO. Chronomite is proud to ensure our products deliver water in the safest way possible: lead-free.